Rolf-Peter Sellheyer Category Manager ASML July, 2019:

“During period May 2017 – April 2019 Roger supported my procurement categories @ASML by taking up the role of Sourcing Lead for one of the VDL entities with special focus on the so called “Pellicle” project which was for ASML an important enabler for the new EUV platforms. Since early 2018 Roger took the assignment within the Tools procurement category to establish a dedicated (preferred) tools supply base to improve the QLTC performance of the individual selected suppliers and the ASML preferred Tools landscape as a whole. Selection (process), contracting, onboarding of the new suppliers, allocation (process) and stakeholder alignment were amongst others all part of the assignment. Roger executed his assignments with a high level of independency, transparency and within the agreed timings. He was a strong support for the team(s) and the category (strategy) improvement overall. I would recommend Roger for next assignments within scope (strategic) procurement.”

(dutch) Rob Verhagen, Executive Manager Supply Chain Centre Europe at Vanderlande on January 2016:

“Roger van der Molen is een ervaren inkoop/supply chain professional binnen de  (high tech) maakindustrie die in de laatste 4 jaar binnen Vanderlande op interim basis diverse opdrachten heeft uitgevoerd op het gebied van tactisch & strategisch inkoop/Supply chain en het direct managen van procurement & sourcing teams. Zijn focus is met name geweest om de organisatie en de betrokken inkopers te begeleiden (te coachen) zowel in persoonlijke competentie ontwikkeling als inkoop technisch (incl. processen, tools etc.) om van tactische project inkoop naar Category Management door te groeien. Alles met als doel om de bijdrage van Inkoop/Supply Chain aan de “bottom-line” te vergroten. Roger is in staat om een visie te ontwikkelen en die pragmatisch binnen de organisatie in te voeren met aandacht voor de menselijke kant, de specifieke bedrijfsaspecten en de fase van (inkoop)ontwikkeling.”

Patrick Verhoeven, Director Corporate Project procurement at Vanderlande Industries on 8 September 2014:

“Roger van der Molen has been a driving force for change in our Procurement team. His professional approach, business orientation, challenging insights and wide experience in the field of Supply Chain and Procurement helped to bring our team to the next level.”

Folkert Bolger, Senior Vice President/CPO at Philips Healthcare on September 2011:

“Roger is an experienced procurement, supply chain expert who has during the Japan tsunami crisis helped us with a structural follow up on potential shortages. He provided great value to the teams by also providing structural improvements in our processes.”

Lars Idema, Director R&D at Oce/Canon Venlo on Aug 2011:

“Roger helped us mastering lifecycle management of electronics. He quickly established relationships within R&D, Purchasing (his home base), Manufacturing and Finance. He likes to bring departments together, breaking down the walls. Roger is practical in his work, communicates easily through all organisation layers, and he delivers.”

Paul Wijnen, Senior Director at Philips Consumer Lifestyle on March 2011:

“I have hired Roger van der Molen in the middle of a crisis. Roger has taken up the assignment extremely fast. His background in the field and industry itself helped him to do so. Very strong skills in operational supply chain and purchasing management. Roger has worked very well with the team on an international level and received good level of appreciation by the team members. I would definitely consider Roger for a next assignment in this field.”

Dagmar Dielissen-Breukers, Curator Boskamp & Willems on May 17, 2010:

“Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity “It is nice working with Roger. He has a good knowledge of the subjects he is dealing with and he is accurate in his work.”

Jose de Benito, CEO Bobitrans Group on April 6, 2009:

“I have known Roger for two years in my capacity as CEO of Bobitrans Group. Roger is an extremely high energy person, capable of proposing creative implantable operational solutions. He is the guy to get the job done, done well, on-time, within budget and adding tremendous value, a first class facilitator and a team leader. Roger provides tremendous vision and insight into solving problems. He has a great ability to assist in the analysis of a difficulty and suggests results. He is also very diligent in providing feedback, and working with him was very rewarding. He has excellent values, which radiate through all that he does. He showed himself to me to be a tireless enthusiast He is a gentleman, man of his word, kind and helpful to everyone. I would highly recommend him in all situations”.

Wil van der Linden, Production Manager at KeyTec Netherlands:

“I worked with Roger when he was Logistics Manager at Philips Displays Components. I remember him as a guy who was highly motivated. He showed a lot of dedication and commitment to fulfill his tasks professionally. At that time I also acted as his mentor when he was completing his logistic study. I experienced Roger as a “very eager to learn” student. It was a pleasure having him in my organization.”